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What is the Fastest Way to Sell My House When Relocating?

A cash home sale is the fastest way to sell your house during relocation. In most cases, you can find a local home buyer, get an offer, and close a deal in as little as one to two weeks. Some deals close in fewer than seven days.

A cash home sale is faster than a traditional one because there are fewer steps to close. You don’t have to repair the house, hire a realtor, stage the property, find a potential buyer, or go through a lengthy close process.

Below we look at the benefits of a cash home sale and how it can help you relocate and sell your house fast.

What is a Cash Home Sale?

A cash home sale is a real estate transaction in which a local home buyer pays for your property in cash, without financing, such as a mortgage or a home equity loan.

The entire purchase price for the home is paid upfront, usually at the time of closing. Cash home sales are often used by investors and people who have a significant amount of money saved and are looking to purchase a property quickly and efficiently.

Sellers can also use cash home sales to avoid the often time-consuming and uncertain process of waiting for a mortgage to be approved.

How Can a Cash Home Sale Allow Me to Relocate Faster?

A cash home sale allows you to relocate faster because it eliminates the need for a traditional mortgage loan, which can take several weeks or even months to secure. With a cash sale, the buyer pays for the property in full at the time of sale, eliminating the need for a mortgage loan application, loan underwriting, and closing.

The sale can be completed more quickly, allowing you to move on with your relocation plans sooner. Cash buyers are often more motivated to move quickly and may be more willing to close the sale quickly, which can also speed up the relocation process.

What Are the Benefits of a Cash Home Sale?

There are several benefits to a cash home sale, including:

  1. Speed: Cash sales can often close more quickly than traditional sales since there is no need to secure financing from a bank. It can be especially beneficial for sellers who need to relocate quickly.
  2. Certainty: A cash sale eliminates the risk of a sale falling through due to financing issues. Once the cash is in hand, the sale is complete.
  3. Flexibility: Cash buyers may be more flexible regarding closing dates, repairs, and other terms of the sale.
  4. Avoid contingencies: Cash buyers don’t need to sell their property before buying yours, so the sale doesn’t have to be contingent on selling another property.
  5. Simplicity: Cash sales can be less complicated than traditional sales since there are no mortgages or appraisals to worry about.
  6. Reduced closing costs: With a cash sale, you avoid paying certain closing costs such as mortgage origination fees or appraisal fees.
  7. No contingencies: Cash buyers don’t need to get a loan, and no appraisal is needed, so there is no risk of a sale falling through due to financing or appraisal issues.

Can I Leave Stuff in the House When I Relocate?

It’s common to want to leave household items behind if you have to vacate the property quickly.

So, it depends on the terms of the sale and the agreement between the buyer and you. In some cases, the buyer may agree to allow the seller to leave certain items in the house after the sale. It is often referred to as a “personal property agreement” or “personal property inclusion.”

However, the buyer may also request that the house be empty at the time of closing or offer to purchase any items the seller would like to leave behind. Discussing these details with the buyer and coming to an agreement before finalizing the sale is important.

It’s also important to note that leaving personal belongings behind may impact the sale price, so it’s good to have a clear agreement.

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