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What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us.  In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want.  So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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ray testimonial “Jp was very fair and honest and gave me all my best options including listing or selling out right. We sold out right and he did everything he promised. I definitely recommend JP Pirtle”

113 Southview Terrace client testimonial

113 Southview Terrace Client

9910 Omar Khayyam Boulevard client testimonial

9910 Omar Khayyam Boulevard Client

J.P. came and met me at the property. He was very honest and upfront with me and gave me all my best options, which included listing the house or selling outright. J.P. offered me more than I expected, so I decided to sell outright. I recommend everyone to contact J.P. Pirtle for all of their real estate needs.

- Brandon Ewing

“I didn’t have to let lots of strangers in my house by listing it.”

JP is very friendly and honest. He gave me an opportunity to sell my house quick and easy. JP made me feel like everything was about our best interest. I didn’t have to let lots of strangers in my house by listing it. He bought it straight out and introduced me to Andrew Gibson. Andrew helped me find my new home and he was amazing! Andrew didn’t care how many houses I wanted to see. He set them all up and always answered any questions. Thank you JP and Andrew.

- Ashley Short

JP was able to buy 6104 Diablo from the McElroy family and help them reach their real estate goals! Fill out the form today so we can help you!

Cindy McGuire was able to quickly and easily sell her home at 3607 Indocin Court to our company. Fill out the form today to receive a free, no obligation, 100% confidential quote on what we can do for you!

- Cindy McGuire

Dr. Charles Houk at the closing of his successful sale of 205 Monohan to our company. We appreciate the opportunity to help all of our customers with their real estate needs! Contact us so we can discuss your situation and make you a great offer!

- Dr. Charles Houk

Talena Dubberly was able to quickly and easily find a buyer for four properties she needed to sell-she sold them to our company, outright, no hassles, and a quick closing. Fill out your information, its 100% free and no obligation to receive a quote from us TODAY!

- Talena Dubberly

Congratulations to Denise Horn on her sale of her property at 5207 Mount Blanc Road! We make the home sale process fast and easy-WE are the buyer! We look forward to helping you! Contact us today!

- Denise Horn