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We Can Buy Your House As-Is During Forbearance

If you live in Louisville, Kentucky, and are currently having difficulty keeping up with your mortgage payments, you may qualify for the CARES Act forbearance program. The forbearance program allows you to suspend your mortgage temporarily, giving you the freedom to sell your house fast and get back on track financially.

We Buy Real Estate can help you sell your house while in forbearance. We are local home buyers in Louisville, Kentucky. Contact us today and schedule a quick walkthrough. We can assess the property, make a fair cash offer, and close in as little as seven days. Call We Buy Real Estate at (502) 458-2722 and get a fast cash offer.

How to Avoid Foreclosure in Three Easy Steps

Even if your mortgage is currently in forbearance, you may still be unable to make your payments once the forbearance expires. If so, you could be facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. We Buy Real Estate has the solution: sell your house fast for cash and avoid bankruptcy. You can sell your house as-is right now in three easy steps.

Contact Our Buyers

Once you decide to sell your house, pick up the phone and contact our local buyers. We can answer your questions and schedule a quick walkthrough of the property. You don’t have to make any repairs. We buy houses as-is

Get a Fast Cash Offer

Once we perform a walkthrough of the property, we will decide if we want to make an offer. We typically make an offer within 24 to 48 hours. Our offers are fair and come in at just under the market value of your house.

Get Paid Cash

If you accept our offer, the next step is to schedule a convenient closing date with our buyers. Closing is simple: you sign the papers and walk away with no strings attached. We pay all closing costs.

What is Mortgage Forbearance?

Forbearance is a temporary postponement of your monthly mortgage payments. It is designed to provide relief if you are going through financial hardship. Forbearance is not forgiveness. You will have to make up the payments based on an agreement between you and the lender. The CARES ACT forbearance program provides relief for families affected by COVID-19.

Do I Qualify for the CARES Act Forbearance Program?

Thankfully, the CARES Act bill makes it easy for you to qualify for the program. You simply need to file a claim that you are going through a financial hardship, and the lender is required to grant forbearance. There is no documentation or proof necessary. You may qualify for forbearance for up to one year. After that, your lender will review your case.

Even with forbearance, however, you may find it difficult to sell your house fast and get out from underneath your mortgage. You could still face foreclosure or bankruptcy. We Buy Real Estate can pay cash for your house and speed up the process. You don’t have to wait several months to find a buyer and close on a sale.

Is a Cash Sale the Best Option for Me?

If you are in a hurry to sell your house, you may not be able to unload the property quickly with a traditional sale. There are several advantages to selling your house to a local home buyer in Louisville, Kentucky.

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You Avoid Selling Costs

Selling your house today may not be profitable due to the myriad of selling costs you will have to pay for. A cash sale can help you avoid expenses such as realtor commissions, repairs/renovations, closing costs, marketing costs, fees, and other expenses. You pay nothing when you sell your house fast for cash.

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A Simpler Way to Sell Your House

Why go through a complicated selling process when you can meet one-on-one with a local home buyer and close a sale in as little as seven days. We Buy Real Estate helps you avoid hassles such as finding a realtor, listing your house, making repairs, negotiating with buyers, or going through a lengthy and complex closing process.

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Work with Local Home Buyers

You may get an offer from a national company to sell your house right now for top dollar. However, you are more likely to benefit from working with a local buyer. We Buy Real Estate is located in Louisville, Kentucky. We know the real estate market, the people, and how much your house is worth. You will get a fair offer for your house.

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Sell Your House in Forbearance

If your mortgage is currently in forbearance, you can still attempt to sell your house. As long as you inform your lender and work out an arrangement, you can work with our local buyers to sell your house fast as-is for cash. Once we buy your house, you can pay off your debt and walk away with no strings attached. We can take care of your mortgage from there.

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Sell Your House As-Is to We Buy Real Estate

With We Buy Real Estate, selling your house has never been easier. We make it possible for you to sell your house while in forbearance to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. Contact our local home buyers in Louisville, Kentucky to schedule a walkthrough. Call (502) 458-2722 and get a fast cash offer.