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Can You Sell a House Before a Mortgage Is Paid Off?

You can sell your house before paying off your mortgage. Most mortgage terms are 10 to 30 years. Nearly 20 percent of all homeowners have bought more than one home in their lifetime. They likely sold their current home and bought another one before paying off the mortgage. In other words, there is nothing unorthodox … Continued

Can I Sell My House After a Disaster in Kentucky?

If your house was heavily damaged by a fire or a storm, you may believe that the property is now unsellable. In a traditional sale, your effort to sell your damaged house fast is an uphill climb at best. However, it is possible to sell your damaged house if you work with a local home … Continued

We Buy Houses After a Disaster in Kentucky

Like other cities in the midwest, Louisville, Kentucky, is vulnerable to an array of natural disasters. Each year, homeowners contend with flash floods, lightning, severe thunderstorms, icy winters, and tornadoes. Many of these disasters strike with little warning, leaving property owners unprepared for the ensuing damage. If you are a homeowner and you need to … Continued

We Buy Houses Fast in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Kentucky is a competitive real estate market with hundreds of sellers vying for attention. If you are trying to sell your house in this area, you will need to go the extra mile to make your property attractive. You may need to spend thousands of dollars and put in countless hours to land a … Continued

Relocation? Selling Your House Is Easy With a Cash Sale

Relocation can be an exciting time in your life. Whether you got a new job or have an opportunity to live in a better area, relocation can bring a new chapter to your life. However, relocation has its challenges. Selling your house is one of the biggest hurdles you’ll face when moving. A traditional home … Continued

Sell My House Fast to Avoid Foreclosure in Kentucky

There are several ways you can avoid foreclosure if you are fighting to keep your home. Lenders often provide mortgage relief in several different ways. However, if you want to sell your house fast, but can’t find a buyer or don’t have the money for home repairs, you have limited options. As a result, your … Continued